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Whoppa Gillespie of Bordeaux, CGC
Can Ch. Collerie Homeport Tobias x Lady Rackatash
August 24, 1994 - November 28, 2008

Today I said goodbye to my heart dog. No dog has ever touched me like my Whoppa Man. Some dogs teach you about training, some teach you about handling, but Whoppa taught me the meaning of unconditional love.

From the moment I met that ragamuffin in the shelter in Rockland, Maine he stole my heart. He was just supposed to be a foster dog, but I could never have let him go.

Born in Maine and raised on a lobster boat until he was two, Whoppa was a perfect match in our household. He loved the boat. Having been shuffled around for the next 7 years of his life, he wasn't as perfect in our house initially because he was terrified that someone would abandon him again. (He ripped down the kitchen door frame three times!) When I decided that I had better take him to work with me everyday in order to save my house and my marriage, I solved the majority of his separation anxiety. Of course, those of you who have seen him at shows know that he NEVER got used to a crate or being away from me!

His name became my persona on the weblists and many an introduction was created when his name was spoken. I remember meeting the owner of his sire at a show one day when I called Whoppa's name. She knew that there was only ONE Whoppa! And he went over to her at 9 years old and put his head in her lap as if to say, "I know you". And yet again this spring, they met and he was stuck to her like glue.

As much as it hurt me to let him go, I knew that he would have done the same for me. So I let my Whoppa go. I know that Daisey, King, Allie, Bucky the foster dog, Hogan the boarder, Emily's Daisy and Barney and most importantly his brother, Baxter, father, Toby and mother, Lady are all there with him now and he is renewed to the boy that I met all those many years ago (but with a little more knowledge and inner peace).

Throughout his almost 5 years with me, he has traveled all over this country as a representative for English Springer Spaniel Club of Long Island - Rescue, he has made many friends. Without Whoppa, little Kate would never have fallen in love with Springers and rescued DW, without Whoppa's letters for the Eastern raffle I doubt it would have been such a success. Today I officially retired his purple tuxedo emblazoned with ESSCLI - Rescue. It will never be worn again, because no one could ever pull it off quite like he did!

My only regret is that he left us before I was able to complete the long awaited registration process. After much hard work, I was able to get 5 five dogs from assorted situations renewed to their AKC status and Whoppa was to be one of them. Maybe they will give him his AKC number posthumously. But no matter what, he was a dog among dogs, he was the best and he represented our beloved breed with a zest for life and people that doesn't come along everyday.

Goodnight my beloved Whoppa, I will always love you ~ my endless love.


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